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I'm a meditation teacher. I teach from CityZen Meditation Studio ( and manage the UK based yoga charity the Guru Ram Das Project ( Inspired by concern for my friend and frontline worker 'the Mighty Tim', I started recording short meditations that could be fitted into a busy shift. It grew from there.


For all you ordinary and extraordinary people who just need to find a way to get through the day, I narrate these healing breaks, mindful of the challenges you may be facing and the burdens you may be carrying.


Why not rest here for a moment and let us take care of you?


THANK YOU to everyone who assisted me, to create these MEDITATIONS FOR FRONTLINE WORKERS.


Wishing you all every happiness and blessing,






**HEALTH AND WELLNESS COOPERATIVE: Dr. Dutt was our invaluable project advisor.




**GURU RAM DAS PROJECT: volunteers Ed and Adi Priya, for video editing.




**ALPHAMUSIC: John Levine (for meditation music) and Meg, (for video production and and media work).




**SIRI SADHANA KAUR: for music for promotional video.




**TIGER ZEN PRODUCTIONS: Website creation and marketing advice.



**HAMIR KAUR: for music for Impermanence.

(Hamir's music)



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