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These longer meditations are for when you get home, to help you recover from a difficult day, and to help you sleep.

Processing difficult feelings and living peacefully with difficult experiences

Music in the background is from the Alphamusic of John Levine.


This 30 min practice is gentle way of being more present with difficulty.


When we are upset or are in a difficult situation, the temptation is to run away from our direct experience. Whilst there are times when this is very useful in the short term, it is not the best long term strategy. At some point, if we are not to be forever burdened, we need to process and let go.


The three most common ways of running away from what we feel are into thinking (going over it again and again with our minds), into spirituality or work (I’ll just live in the part of me that isn’t messy, confused and distressed), and into compensatory behaviours or distractions (hello chocolate/beer/cigarettes/shopping centres/Netflix etc etc. etc.).


Yet if we can find a way of just experiencing the list of benefits is extraordinary and include greater clarity, happiness and peace.




This is a 30 minute practise to help us fall asleep.  There's nothing you need to do, but lie down somewhere comfortable, close your eyes and relax.

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